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Connecting brands with people

We are a marketing agency with a vision to effectively connect brands with people. How? We have experience gained through fire and water, a marketing dream team and skills that can't be found elsewhere. Oh, and we love what we do.

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Featured case studies

SIA “CV-Online”

Analytics / Marketing / SEO

  • Bounce rate - 53.08 %
  • Pages per session + 159.58 %
  • Avg. session duration + 208.75 %
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Google AdWords / Google Search

  • Search CTR 19.29 %
  • Search Bounce rate 28.57 %
  • Search rate CPC 0.03
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Advertising / Branding

  • Conversions 898.18
  • Clicks 241.29
  • Search CTR 142.84
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Successfull companies say

  • Infinitum specialists offer an outstanding level of on-going support and are ready to help and advice and have our best interests in heart. We truly love their proactive approach and we are absolutely confident that all our questions and problems will be researched and resolved in a very professional manner.

  • We were positively surprised by their attitude to work, their speed and accuracy in processing multiple requests at the same time and finally yet importantly, the continuous and proactive support we have received from Infinitum agency. We would recommend Infinitum agency without hesitation.

  • We have significantly increased Google traffic by using services provided by Infinitum. We appreciate both the professional approach towards our cooperation and the contribution of the digital marketing improvement. Also, the obtained knowledge from training sessions and conferences is very useful and helpful.

  • Nordea bank has used Infinitum agencies services for several years. They are professionals in their field and are always aware of the current events. Infinitum proactively come up with the ideas and proposals to improve the outcome. Entrusted tasks are completed within agreed timelines, and a detailed result analysis is developed afterwards.

  • The team at Infinitum agency is an absolute pleasure to work with. They’re knowledgable, very proactive and most importantly they really care about their customers’ success. Their services come very highly recommended :)

  • Harijs Poikāns

    Head of marketing department - A/S “4finance”

  • Olga Kikas

    Head of marketing - Tickmill

  • Mareks Zuika

    Managing director - SIA „Mobilukss” 1a.lv

  • Toms Zālmanis

    Head of marketing - Nordea bank

  • Kristina Lilleõis

    CMO - Scoro

To work efficiently, discipline and clear vision is a must-have. We mix it with creativity and keenness, making a fruitful soil for great works, and we use our experience and knowledge to choose the best options for your business. Measure seven times, cut once – we are that type of guys!

Egils Boitmanis Founder

Do you know the difference between a good and a bad marketing specialist? The good one has skills, know-how, certificates and experience, but there is one important attribute that helps to stand out – it’s called passion. We love what we do, and that’s the reason why we can do magic!

Aigars Armanovs Service Development

Strategy & Development

Business without strategy is like a ship without compass. After setting your brand goals and objectives, we do everything to achieve them.

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Marketing & Communication

Would you buy something you know nothing about? Well, not really. Do we know how to find your perfect customer and make them think about your brand 24/7? Oh, yes!

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Data & Insights

You know the saying that goes “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half,” right? Well, we will show you which half works and scale it up to get the best bang for your buck.

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