• 30
    Organic traffic increase
  • 77.8
    Audience engagement for video content
  • 3000
    Increase of the brand name clicks

BRC Autocentrs sell cars, micro-busses, livable cars, motorcycles, cutters, towers, lorries, trailers, busses, industrial equipment, loaders, agriculture equipment and other transport-related goods.

Industry: Used car sales

Used Services: SEO, Google My Business

Website: lv.brcauto.eu


Below we have examined an automobile industry example where Google Organic is the dominating traffic channel and and TOP positions directly affect both traffic and the number of conversions.

  • Stagnating traffic and keyword ranking.
  • Unvarying content forms on digital communication.
  • Inactive Google My Business page.

In order to improve the company’s keyword ranking, organic traffic and other related quality ratings, the existing external SEO activity strategy was improved by adding certain “in-bound” optimisation tactics. In addition, we optimised the basic information on Google My Business and started to post regular content.

  • Adding a video segment into the promo article’s content made the total number of views increase from 18 to 547 (up by 2939%). 
  • Optimising Google My Business profile and regular content posting for one quarter significantly increased the impression rates for the brand name “BRC” and related phrases (+34,4%).
  • An increase in the number of clicks of the brand name “BRC” and related phrases (+15%).
  • Organic traffic increase YoY (+10,3%).
  • Significant increase in the total number of keywords (+345 new keywords).
  • Increase in the total number of keywords in the ranking ranges TOP3 and TOP10 (Google first page).

Fluctuations of the total video views after adding it into the media publication

Audience share of those who watched video until the end

Increase of impressions for the brand related queries and related phrases (quarterly comparison)

Increase of clicks for the brand queries and related phrases (quarterly comparison)

Fluctuations of the total number of BRC keywords on Google organic results