Dynamic remarketing is a personalized repeated ad solution that shows users an ad of a previously viewed item, product, object, or service, based on the users’ historical engagement with the website.

    Depending on the used website, the platform’s dynamic remarketing feeds have to be created individually, or – if platforms such as Shopify are used – there are apps that allow to get a dynamic remarketing feed without additional coding, directly from the website.

    Industry: This case reviews sales data in e-commerce. Solution can be adapted to other industries: travel, real estate, job advertisements, etc.

    Used services: Google Display, Facebook, RTBHouse


    Lower price for conversion while keeping the same volume.


    Addition of dynamic remarketing solutions to repeated ads in such networks as Google Display, Facebook un RTBHouse.



    Comparing dynamic remarketing campaigns for 4 different clients in different platforms, it was proven by all cases that price per lead is more beneficial for dynamic remarketing campaigns:

    • One case showed that price per purchase on Facebook was -44.58% lower that for classic remarketing campaigns; also conversion rate grew by 198.18%;
    • For a different case, price per lead was -69.22% lower compared to classic remarketing campaigns, and conversion rate improved by 284.70%;
    • For the third case, price per purchase was -132.35 lower than for classic remarketing campaigns, and conversion rate improved by 38.14%.



    When dynamic remarketing is used, it is advisable to create feeds in a way that it’s possible to adapt them to dynamic remarketing platforms for both Google and Facebook.

    Mind banner dimensions – Google dynamic remarketing requires images with 300×300 resolution, but Facebook dynamic remarketing ad – 500×500. 1:1 principle is used in both platforms.

    Dynamic remarketing can be used not only in e-commerce but also in other industries. Each industry has its own specifics when it comes to creation of dynamic remarketing, therefore it is advisable to read all instructions beforehand. For example, creating dynamic remarketing in real estate industry, precise property addresses, including house number, must be specified.

    Facebook catalogue can be used not only for dynamic remarketing, but also for Facebook Marketplace and Instagram Shop.

    Specifics of Facebook catalogues are interesting – there are some features that companies might not even know about and notice them only while creating a catalogue. To provide you with an insight in catalogue options, we have summarized some essential points:

    • Facebook catalogues are divided into 6 technically different types: product, flight, hotel, travel destination, auto equipment and real estate catalogues.
    • Auto equipment catalogue requires such fields as:
      • make – brand or producer
      • model – model of the equipment
      • year – year of production
      • mileage.value – current mileage
      • transmission 
      • fuel_type 
      • drivetrain 
      • address – address of the distributor
      • Latitude and longitude – coordinates of the distributor
    • Hotel catalogues can be created in two ways: information only about hotels or information about rooms.
    • Flight catalogue is the most simple of all types. Only departure location and destination must be specified.
    • Travel destination catalogue requires information about destination and location, yet offers to provide a more detailed description on destination, location and costs.
    • Similar to the auto catalogue, real estate catalogue requires to fill out the fields on the estate address, neighborhood, city, geographic coordinates and even region. It is possible to enter property type – office space, house, apartment. Sales type can also be indicated.
    • Product catalogue is easy to create and it’s the most frequently used advertising tool. When creating a catalogue, it is advisable to include information on different product promotions, if any – based on this information Facebook will offer more advertising options.

    It is essential to remember to fill out all necessary fields when creating a Facebook catalogue – in addition, filling out all additional fields, will give an opportunity to arrange products better and get higher quality collection ads.

    Google Feed as Facebook catalogues are divided into several categories: education, flight, hotels and rentals, job adverts, real estate, retail, travel and more.



    It might seem that Shopify is a very responsive and easy system… until you want to implement dynamic remarketing. Then you can spend weeks to understand how to assign your catalogue to a pixel. After that it’s simpler – you look for a feed creation app, make your own catalogue, link it to Facebook pixel and done! After doing this once, creation of dynamic ads will seem very easy. Choose your target audience – or those who have viewed your products over the period of last 14 days or just those who have added products to baskets over the last 7 days.


    The most essential thing when creating dynamic remarketing ads on Shopify platform, is to also create a Facebook pixel – only then you can make a catalogue, otherwise various complications may occur. Grouping products in collections (eg. according to product type) gives you an opportunity to use each collection in separate dynamic remarketing campaigns. Remember that you need at least 1000 page visitors to get the quality results from ads, but the conversion rate will be higher if you have more visitors.

    Google Display
    Client No. 1
    Dynamic remarketing
    Classic remarketing
    Price per conversion
    23.20 €
    25.66 €
    -10.59 %
    Conversion level
    0.57 %
    0.42 %
    37.50 %
    Google Display
    Client No. 2
    Dynamic remarketing
    Classic remarketing
    Price per conversion
    8.83 €
    20.51 €
    -132.35 %
    Conversion level
    1.28 %
    0.93 %
    38.14 %
    RTBHouse Vs. Google Display Classical
    Client No. 3
    Dynamic remarketing
    Classic remarketing
    Price per conversion
    3.00 €
    5.08 €
    -69.22 %
    Conversion level
    18.55 %
    4.82 %
    284.70 %
    Client No. 4
    Dynamic remarketing
    Classic remarketing
    Price per conversion
    1.74 €
    2.52 €
    -44.58 %
    Conversion level
    9.14 %
    3.06 %
    198.18 %