We have examined 3 examples of lead generation ads in the industries of medicine, automobile and real estate.

    Services used: Facebook and Instagram

    • These service industries are characterized by a longer decision making process and lower conversion rates on the website – the percentage of people who visit the website and sign up for the service. It is related to a longer decision making process;
    • For all three clients, it was not possible to make any website improvements that would help increase the number of signups.

    In the industries that provide services and have the main target to collect signups, lead generation ads is a successful solution. Especially useful if the website has a low conversion rate level, but the main goal is to gain contacts from potential clients that can later be contacted by the sales team.


    All 3 of the examined examples provided positive results.

    • The level of generated leads was by 220% up to 1449% higher compared to the website conversion rate;
    • In all cases, the lead generation solution provided for more than 9% of the total signups. In the most successful case we gained an additional 41.54% signups with lead generation ads;
    Klients Nr.1
    Klients Nr.2
    Klients Nr.3
    Lead conversion rate
    Conversion rate
    0.11 %
    3.16 %
    0.18 %
    • There was no significant difference in the price per new signup on Facebook or Instagram platforms. In one case Facebook showed a significantly lower price per signup over Instagram – by 239.52% lower, in another case the price per signup was by 181.61% lower on Instagram, but in the third case there was less than 1% difference in the price per signup.
    Facebook lead CPA
    Instagram lead CPA
    Klients Nr. 1
    14.22 €
    14.00 €
    Klients Nr.2
    88.27 €
    299.71 €
    Klients Nr.3
    23.14 €
    8.22 €
    • Create separate lead generation ads on Instagram and Facebook, because the results on each platform can be significantly different, depending on the industry and visual material.
    • Start with remarketing ads for the historical website visitors and those who have visited your Facebook page. It is worth choosing a longer period for remarketing – you can extend remarketing lists from 30 to 180 days in order to boost the number of signups (if the website traffic is low);
    • Before making any conclusions, the creative material must be tested on the same audiences for at least 2 weeks. Create a description as short as possible to promote the number of filled out forms.
    • Communicate the potential benefits for filling out the signup form – a free PDF on an interesting topic, easy way to receive information from a sales representative or an opportunity to receive discounts and important information sooner than other people via email;
    • To make lead generation ads as efficient as possible, it is also necessary to get in touch with the acquired leads in due time.