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Medical tourism; offering orthopedic operations for knees and hips. The main goal is to promote the incoming signups and lower the cost per click. With a long-term optimisation effort of excluding negative keywords, finding new keywords, bid optimisation and ad alterations, we have significantly increased the number of signups while maintaining the high quality of website visits.

Industry: Medicine

Services used: SEO, Google Ads, WEB optimize

Website: overvekts-operasjoner.no


The general problem was the low number of leads, a characteristic of a new business. For several months, the company received just up to two signups per month, sometimes – even zero. An additional challenge was raised by the fact that it’s not possible to use remarketing in the medicine industry, plus there was no historical data to use for the optimization of further actions. The business is largely dependent on paid ads due to the overall low level of advertising activities.


The solution was a regular and well constructed keyword optimization , addition of negative keywords, bid adjustment to demographic data, mobile devices and specific  cities. Overall this campaign has been a long-term process of improving. In November we adjusted texts and boosted the mobile traffic to guarantee higher search display positions – as a result, we managed to double the number of signups compared with October. Continuing mobile optimization also in December, we were able to keep boosting the number of signups.


As a result of an ongoing and regular optimization, we have raised the number of monthly signups from 2 to 18. We also managed to boost the website traffic – the positive results allowed to do further investments. Furthermore, ad text optimization and gained traffic boosted the CTR from 3.75% to 5.37%.