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Seesam is one of the oldest insurance brands in the Baltic states, as well as one of the most capitalized insurance companies in the Baltic market. Seesam has been active in the Latvian market already for 25 years and provides services to more than 60 thousand clients in Latvia and over 180 thousand clients on the Baltic level. 

Vienna Insurance Group is the leading insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe. VIG encompasses more than 50 companies in 25 countries.

Seesam offers a wide selection of insurance types for both private persons and companies.

The offer to private persons is vast, and Seesam offers services for various situations – Casco and mandatory Motor vehicle insurance for safer and nicer car rides, real estate insurance to indemnify damages to the home and personal belongings in it, travel insurance to cover medical help abroad and accident insurance to indemnify unexpected traumas or physical impairments.

Companies highly value professional risk management and insurance. Seesam provides a diverse range of solutions to companies of any size. Mandatory Motor vehicle and Casco insurance for the company’s auto park, employee health insurance, third party liability insurance, freight and production equipment insurance.

Industry: Insurance

Services used: Social Ads (Facebook, Instagram), Google Ads

Website: seesam.lv

  • The main challenge was the low number of signups, given the provided investment. We had to increase this number, while improving the price per signup.
  • An additional challenge was the increasing competition in the insurance market. As a result, the price per conversion grew according to the quality of the ad placement spot.
  • Carefully planned ad campaign structure and regular budgeting, keyword and bid optimisation according to interests, demographic data, device, as well as improvement of the quality metrics;
  • Usage of remarketing;
  • Regular communication on social media and post promotion to raise awareness; a few awareness activities implemented on Google Display.
  • In one year’s time, the number of signups gained from Google and Facebook have doubled and even tripled, at the same time showing a lower price per signup.