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As it stands true for any new business that decides to enter the market, the main challenge in the beginning is the low number of applications. For several months there were just up to 2 applications per month, sometimes even none at all. An additional challenge was the fact that it was not possible to use remarketing for medical tourism. Another challenge – we were not provided with any initial indicators to be optimized and rate our success upon. This business was highly dependent on paid ads, because there were practically no other promotional activities.


Our solution was a regular and very well thought-through keyword optimization, added list of negative keywords and adjustment of ad bids according to demographic data, mobile devices and specific cities. Generally, this has been a continuous process of improvement in the long-term. In November we individually adapted texts and launched mobile traffic that guaranteed better search positions. As a result, we managed to double the number of applications when compared to October. Ongoing mobile optimization also during December resulted in an even higher number of applications.


Due to a regular optimization that has lasted for a year, we have managed to raise the number of monthly applications from 2 to 18. We have also reached an increased traffic because the positive results have allowed us to invest even more. In addition, optimization of ad texts, ad extensions and gained traffic, has increased CTR from 3.75% to 5.37%.

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