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Bounce rate
- 53.08 %
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Avg. session duration
+ 208.75 %


During the last few years, Google has repeatedly emphasized in its communication the increasing share of mobile device users. One of the latest events in the Baltics organized by Google, Baltics Go Mobile, was entirely devoted to advertising on mobile devices. And the recent years' statistics are impressive as well: 52% of the inhabitants of Latvia are smart-phone users; An internet user in Latvia uses the average number of 2.3 devices connected to the internet; For 65%, the first step in making a decision on a purchase is information gained from a mobile device. However promising the numbers, it's important to understand how advertisers can use them in their daily work and what is the actual benefits of advertising on mobile devices. Below there is an experiment carried out by Infinitum 8 on mobile advertising and its results.


In order to assess the potential of advertising on mobile devices, we used two advertising tools offered and suggested by Google: Mobile-Preferred Search Ads; Mobile-Preferred Ad Extensions, in particular – Sitelinks, Callouts and Call ad extensions. We compared Google Adwords results on mobile devices and result changes for specific keywords before and after these tools had been enabled. Last October our agency took over a client that had previously used Google Adwords search engine ads. We created a new account where we added mobile-preferred search ads and extensions to each ad group. Experiment results turned out very interesting and promising. We compared the indicators of user behavior on the webpage as well as the total number of sessions using the Google Analytics tool.

The Result

Comparing two periods: October 1st, 2015 – February 1st, 2016, when our agency was actively working on the account and experimented with mobile-preferred ads, and October 1st, 2014 – February 1st, 2015, we can see the following statistics: (image 1) Mobile devices showed the highest growth rate. The number of sessions by the users who clicked on Google Adwords ads via mobile devices grew by 261.37%, and the total number of sessions for Google Adwords channel via all devices grew by 65.22%. There was also a significant improvement for behavior on the webpage by the users coming from a Google Adwords ad displayed on a mobile device: Bounce rate decreased by 53.08% (for all devices – a decrease of 33.8%). The number of pages viewed per session increased by 159.68% (for all devices – an increase of 19.65%). The average session time increased by 208.75% (for all devices – an increase of 18.52%) (image 2). Here are the results (image 3) of a recurrent comparison between the Google/CPC channel indicator changes and changes in the general account, specifically for mobile devices.

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