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Search CTR
19.29 %
Search Bounce rate
28.57 %
Search rate CPC


The client’s aim is to reach customers in all regions of Latvian, except for Riga. Infinitum 8 set a goal – create a campaign structure that would minimize costs, increase the number of impressions and attract the most relevant users. We aimed to reach both job-seeking users located in specific regions and those looking for a job elsewhere in Latvia (outside Riga), regardless of their location.


We created a Search campaign structure that displayed ads about job opportunities in specific cities/regions containing the name of the respective city/region, regardless of the users' location. The campaign also included general ads about job opportunities in our target cities. In addition, Display (banner) campaigns were adapted for each target city and showed users banners about job opportunities in the respective city with the city’s photo in the background.


The structure we created allowed us to gain a high CTR for Display campaigns – 0.43%, as well as a low average cost per click – 0.08 EUR. The average Display campaign Bounce Rate also decreased to 25.12% (page’s average Bounce Rate – 32.15%). In addition, the average Search campaign CTR reached an impressive rate of 19.96% with the average cost per click – 0.03 EUR. The most surprising fact is that the Search campaign Bounce Rate was higher than that of the Display campaigns, yet still lower than the page’s average Bounce Rate – 28.57%.

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