• 972.43
    revenue increase
  • 454.72
    return on income growth
Infinitum Agency 1a.lv

Online store 1a.lv is one of the largest e-commerce companies in Latvia that operates in all Baltic states. The company’s assortment varies from products for gardening to home appliances, electronic devices and camping equipment.

Industry: E-commerce

Used services: Google Ads

Website: 1a.lv

  • For an online store with over 200,000 items, it is difficult to advertise each product model separately;
  • Furthermore, in order to gain any kind of return, Google ads require appropriate and precise ads for each search action.

We created an “Ad Customizers” solution that uses CSV feed (the same that is used for dynamic remarketing) to make daily updates to respective products’ price and generates ads.

  • In the first month results were not significant and the ROI was between 3.5 and 5.99 witch is not rentable.;
  • However in the following months ROI has grown to between 24 and 27 increasing the volume of transactions performed, making “Ad Customer” integral part of the result.;
  • Main methods of optimization have been category budgeting and rate adjustments, excluding low-cost items from advertising (items under 30€ were exluded), title and description tag customization and maximization of high value items..